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Eco Friendly Valentines Day Cards Thumbnail

Eco Friendly Valentines Day Cards

Did you know that one of the most wasteful days of the year is the day after Valentine’s Day? 

Not all Valentines Day Cards can be recycled!  If the cards are made of mixed materials with plastic coating, foil, plastic or metal charms, then it is not recyclable. But, before you toss them into the garbage, check out this article below from "Simply Living Green with Rebekah" for a few simple ideas to upcycle your kid's Valentine's Day cards, and repurpose them into something creative and new!

While it’s fun to remind our friends and family how much we care about them, making eco-friendly Valentine’s Day cards shows them how much you care about them AND our planet!


Check out this article for creative ways to not only create eco-friendly Valentine's Day cards for you or your kids - but to repurpose and re-use the cards you receive! 

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