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Health and Dental Insurance

Looking for Health and Dental Insurance?

If you are one of the millions of Canadians without an employee health plan, you know first-hand that your Government Health Insurance Plan coverage only goes so far. You regularly have to pay routine, basic expenses like drug, dental check-ups, eye wear and massage therapy out of your own pocket. Those bills can add up quickly.


Thankfully, with Individual Health and Dental Insurance plans offered by Manulife Financial, you’ll gain the security that comes from knowing that you have coverage for both routine and unexpected health care expenses – expenses not covered by your Government Health Insurance Plan. If you have group coverage, Manulife Financial can help top up your existing health and dental coverage.

Manulife Financial offers a variety of Health and Dental plans you can choose from to suit your needs and your budget. 

Need help selecting a plan? Contact your advisor for more information.

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