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The Bank of Canada “unpauses”—what’s next? Thumbnail

The Bank of Canada “unpauses”—what’s next?

The Bank of Canada (BoC) has “unpaused” and effectively restarted its tightening cycle by increasing interest rates by another 25bps and signaling there might still be more hikes ahead. The BoC has now hiked by 450bps in less than 18 months—one of the most aggressive hiking cycles in Canada’s modern economic history.

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Global market turmoil—what does it mean for Canada? Thumbnail

Global market turmoil—what does it mean for Canada?

Events of the past few days have reinforced several of our core views about the global economy, including our assessment of the Canadian economy: We see higher odds of a recession taking place in the second half of 2023, a development that in turn will likely dampen inflationary pressures as aggregate demand weakens.

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Jobs of the future Thumbnail

Jobs of the future

We are at the beginning stages of the fourth industrial revolution, dubbed Industry 4.0. As the world dramatically changes under the influence of automation, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, employment is also experiencing a big shift. What jobs might the next-generation workforce have?

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School days - Solutions For Financial Planning* Thumbnail

School days - Solutions For Financial Planning*

The ABCs of using RESP funds. [Solutions For Financial Planning] our wee babes have grown into young adults ready to take on the world – or at least head to, post-secondary education. Knowing that college and university come with a hefty price tag, you have faithfully made contributions over the years into a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP).

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