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RRSPs and RRIFs on death Thumbnail

RRSPs and RRIFs on death

Most Canadians are familiar with the tax advantages of using registered savings plans to save for their retirement years. Contributions to registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs) are deductible and any growth or income earned on the underlying investment in the RRSP or registered retirement income fund (RRIF) isn’t taxed until withdrawn. What may be less clear is what happens on the death of an RRSP or RRIF owner. Frequently asked questions have been addressed to provide more clarity in an area that may not be entirely understood.

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Because you keep asking - Answering more of your investment questions Thumbnail

Because you keep asking - Answering more of your investment questions

Back by popular demand, the Capital Markets Strategy team led by Philip Petursson, Chief Investment Strategist for Manulife Investment Management, answers more of your pertinent questions about current market conditions. Set against a backdrop of a rapidly reopening global economy, rising interest rates, and inflation trending higher, the team looks at the impact on fixed income, the oil sector, and the Canadian dollar. Is it time to take money off the table, and what are the biggest risks for the next 18‒24 months?

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The Great Pause of 2020 Thumbnail

The Great Pause of 2020

As we reflect on what has transpired over the last six months, we find ourselves somewhat shocked and speechless. Collectively, the team has worked through decades of economic and market cycles and numerous global crises, and we’ve never experienced an environment like we have today. The COVID-19 global pandemic has thrown all market dynamics up in the air.

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